"Precise, economical writing. Like poetry. Perfect small gems, every one of them a reminder of what language can do."


Judge of the Flannery O'Connor Award, 2012.

"Fragments Left Behind popped up onto my reading list early on and I found it unbelievably poignant."

Jane Riekemann, Judge of the Bath Short Story Award.

"Every word and detail counts in this story written with a vernacular accent that deepens and widens during its course."

David Caddy, judge of The Sentinel Literary Quaterly Competition, 2012.

Joanna Campbell's short stories appear in numerous anthologies, a selection of which can be seen below.

Stroud Short Stories Volume Two

Two of Campbell's short stories, Paper Sails and The Journey to Everywhere, were chosen for this anthology of Gloucestershire writers.

Impermanent Facts

Campbell's Story, Brad's Rooster Food, was chosen for this Royal Academy Pin Drop Studio anthology published by Simon and Schuster.

How To Make A Window Snake


"Stakes are high and violence becomes a reliable companion. One realises that there simply is no safe way to fall."

Campbell's novella-in-flash, A Safer Way to Fall features in this trio of prize-winning novellas from Bath Flash Fiction.


SSS Vol 2.jpg

Campbell's Story, Home Improvements won second place in the Retreat West 2018 short story competition  judged by author Alison Moore, and is included in this anthology.


Campbell's Story, Gingerbread, was chosen for the 2018 National Flash Fiction Day anthology.

A Short Affair

24 Stories of Hope for Survivors of the Grenfell Tower

Campbell's Story, Nearly There, was chosen for this anthology edited by Kathy Burke to raise funds for survivors of the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

Magic Oxygen Literary Prize 2018

Campbell's Story, My Name is Jennifer, won the 2018 Magic Oxygen Literary Prize and is published in this anthology.

The Bridport Prize Anthology 2017

Campbell's Story, Confirmation Class, features in this 2017 anthology from the Bridport Prize and was judged second in the Flash Fiction category.

What was Left

Campbell's Story, What Was Left, features in this 2017 anthology from Retreat West.

Sleep is a Beautiful Colour


Campbell's story, Breathingfeatures in this, the sixth National Flash Fiction Day anthology.

Evesham Festival of Words Short Stories 2016


"Imaginative, funny, poignant, heartfelt and smart, the eleven stories ... in this anthology are as varied and diverse as you are likely to find."

Campbell's story The Shift Inside features in this anthology.



A Box of Stars Beneath the Bed


"An anthology of flash-fictions to celebrate National Flash-Fiction Day (UK), showcasing the very best on offer in this small literary form. The tales cross genres from horror to romance, from fantasy to dark reality, but each one will cause a new star to shine in your imagination."

Campbell's story Grains features in this anthology.



Upshots and Other Stories


"This anthology presents the winner of the 2015 Prize, Joanna Campbell's Upshots, alongside some of the most promising and original stories entered for the prize by writers across the literary landscape of the UK"





"An anthology of flash-fictions inspired by the theme of Geography, produced as part of the celebrations for National Flash-Fiction Day 2015."


Campbell's stories Devil's Mountain and Stiff both feature in this anthology.



Still Life


"This new anthology of the shortlist selected for the Rubery Short Story Award is entitled Still Life, a tapestry of life as seen through an artist's eye, accurately and vividly reproduced in rich colours, shapes and textures." 


Campbell's story Touches features in this anthology.

Journey Planner - and Other Stories and Poems

"Journey Planner introduces new and emerging voices in short story and poetry."


Campbell's story A Night at Arlington Villas features in this anthology. 

On The Bench

"...Another superb anthology of short stories from the shortlist of the Rubery Short Story Award."


Campbell's story Granddad's Big Day Out features in this anthology.

Good Reads
Bath Short Story Award 2013 Anthology

"This anthology reflects the best of the writing and, in the end, what makes the tale is the telling of it."


Campbell's story Fragments Left Behind features in this online anthology.

Bristol Short Story Prize Anthology
Volume Six

"The Bristol Short Story Prize continues to inspire brilliantly original writing. The sixth volume is another coruscating collection of inventive, masterful storytelling."


Campbell's story Wind and Water features in this anthology.

Reaching Out and Other Stories and Poems

"Reaching Out introduces new and emerging voices in short story and poetry. Joanna Campbell's Aurora and the Book Trolley spins us into a fantasy worlds woven by a child who uses a medical dictionary to role play adults into territories outside their comfort zones."


Campbell's story Aurora and the Book Trolley features in this anthology.

Significant Spaces

"A cascade of tales about things that are not where they should be, or not what people expect them to be."


Campbell'sstory Cherry's Stain features in this anthology.

The Salt Anthology: New Writing 2013

"Salt's annual anthologies of new writing showcase the best in short fiction and poetry from established and up-and-coming writers from around the world."


Campbell's story Following Candace features in this anthology.

A collection of flash-fictions from National Flash-Fiction Day 2013

"Scraps is the second anthology from National Flash-Fiction Day. It features more than seventy huge tales told in only a few words. All of the stories in this collection have been inspired by other works of art: paintings, sculptures, TV programmes, films, music and more."


Joanna's stories India and Bright New Morning both feature in this anthology.

Jericho and Other Stories and Poems

"Jericho introduces new and emerging voices in short story and poetry..."


Campbell's story Ten O'clock to Balham features in this anthology.

Barcelona to Bihar
Stories That Travel With You

"This collection ducks and dives through time and space with the speed of a social network site browser."


Campbell's story Quiston Avenue features in this anthology.

Kissing Frankenstein and Other Stories

"An anthology of 53 pieces of flash-fiction by writers from all over the west country, in celebration of National Flash-Fiction Day 2013."


Campbell's story New Dawn features in this anthology.

In Terra Pax and Other Stories and Poems

"...In Terra Pax and other stories and poems is a delight to read, bringing together some of the most talented new names in ficiton and poetry. The perfect way to discover new writing."


Campbell's story Tishpishti features in this anthology.

A Roof of Red Tiles and Other Stories and Poems

"A Roof of Red Tiles and other stories and poems brings together some of the most vivid new writing in fiction and poetry."


Campbell's story Bonanza Tully's Baby features in this anthology.

Spilling Ink Volume One
A Collection of Fiction, Nonfiction and Prose Poetry

"From the entertaining to the thought provoking, these short stories, flash fictions, micro-bursts and essays will keep you reading from cover to cover."


Campbell's story The Path to the River features in this anthology.

Ways of Falling

"Venture into these stories and you will know what it is to fall headlong: fall from aeroplanes, through fire and ice, fall from moutains, from pedestals, from grace and even from life."


Campbell's story The Invitation features in this anthology.

Bristol Short Story Prize Anthology Volume 3

"These outstanding stories frmo the 2010 Bristol Short Story Prize will provoke, stimulate, move, amuse, unsettle and entertain. From writers around the world here is an unforgettable anthology shwoing the wonders short fiction can conjure up."


Campbell's story Struthio Camelus features in this anthology.

100 Stories For Haiti

"100 Stories for Haiti -- from concept to book in six weeks!

Proceeds go to the Red Cross Haiti Earthquake and Disaster Recovery appeals."


Campbell's story The Ring of Truth features in this anthology.